:Interview/Concert Review: Doyle

January 1, 2018

Doyle, Davey Suicide, Malaki, Authentic Sellout, Big Scary Robot
Concert Date: June 17, 2017
Venue: Brick By Brick
Location: San Diego, CA

Review by Yvette Arambula
Interview conducted by Justin Goyette

Having arrived at the venue close to 10 PM in order to interview the man himself, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, we missed all of the opening bands and most of Davey Suicide before we finally went inside the venue. This night we were trying out a new interviewer, Justin, and what better way to throw him into it than to have him interview one of his idols. Who says COMA can’t make dreams come true? Albeit, in a nerve-wracking, slightly terrifying manner. That’s what we do.

We met up with Doyle’s tour manager and he led us into the band wagon. I had never been inside a tour bus, but it was basically what I expected. Doyle was dressed in his signature garb and make-up. After offering us water, we sat down and got the interview rolling. The bus was running the whole time which accounts for that humming background noise. No amount of filters could completely remove it without making the recording sound tinny and less audible.

The heavy musk of metal show punched us in the face when we went inside. Davey Suicide was on stage but we were too busy trying to meet up with Justin’s wife to pay as much attention as we needed to for a fair review. There was a good crowd inside but it wasn’t unbearably full that I ended up with many dozens of DNA samples on my clothing. (I’m talking about shed skin cells that may be floating around people’s sweat, not anything more unsavory.)

Doyle finally came onstage and the crowd moved towards them. A pretty good mosh pit started going eventually. Justin participated as much as he could without being an asshole. In fact, he actually tried to help one guy up when he fell, but another berserker ran into them and they both fell over in a rather comedic manner. All in good fun. At one point when the pit dispersed for a few minutes, a lonely chancla (word for sandal, flip-flop, slipper, etc. that is often thrown at misbehaving children) was left in the middle of the beer-soaked floor. Its owner shuffled back to it while the coast was still clear.

The show was energetic; everyone thrashed about which just added to the kinetic activity as Doyle and Alex moved around the stage. Before each song, Alex would say, “it’s kind of like a love song; you can dance if you want,” which if you look at it based on the song titles, they do sound like some kind of twisted odes to “love” as dark creatures know it. You can check out some live footage of the show on our Facebook page.

Doyle will be going out on tour next year on the As We Die Abomination Tour 2018 spanning from February through March. Be sure to check them out when they hit your town.


:Interview: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

January 1, 2018

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Concert Date: June 16, 2016
Venue: The Casbah
Location: San Diego, CA

Interview conducted by Yvette Arambula

This interview took place inside the venue before soundcheck. I apologize for all the noise in the background. There are only so many filters and effects I can use without making it sound even worse. The Casbah is in the flight path of San Diego International Airport, which will be apparent at certain points of the recording. Also, people already inside the venue were carrying on quite loudly so that didn't help either.  



:The Oontzcast: Episode 268 - “Fucked Up Movie Night”

March 19, 2017

Album Of The Month: Mr.Kitty – A.I.
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Websites: FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundCloudYouTube

We have bonus special guests for this episode, our friends Linda and Tony with whom we've established a fairly new tradition of meeting up to watch fucked up movies, mostly in the horror genre. This week we watched Dead Alive, one of Peter Jackson's first movies, a great departure from the Lord of the Rings fare most people know him from. It was at one point touted as the goriest film in existence; it certainly lived up to that.

This episode we discuss various horror movies, Jaymie's fear of creepy babies, how lucky we were to be teenagers in a pre-social media world, random shit as usual...and we all give Dead Alive a mini review (well, except for Yvette, she was being difficult).

Track Listing
01. Mr.Kitty - No Heart
02. TORUL - Monday (Single Version Extended)
03. Cygnets - Amnesia (Space Age Remix)
04. Halo Effect - White Flag (DRMOllE remix)
05. Inertia - Stormfront (iVardensphere Remix)
06. Antonym (featuring Rabbit Junk) - Liar's World (Rabbit Junk Remix)
07. Vanguard - A Different Story (Perfect Remix by BhamBhamHara)
08. Marwan Green Critter - Don't Be Afraid
09. Mr.Kitty - Lamentation
10. Vore Aurora - Null Plus Void (Staring Back Mix by Ego Likeness)


:The Oontzcast: Episode 267 - “Resolution Revolution”

March 7, 2017

Jaymie and I (Yvette) are back for another year of music and mayhem. This episode Professor Jaymie does most of the talking on topics such as the intricacies of learning Asian languages, '90s music that we forgot about and the fans we love to hate, Mexico adventures with Kanga and Matthew Setzer, plus your regular run-of-the-mill randomness.

We played a variety of 2016 releases that we deemed worthy enough for our irregularly scheduled program, as well as a couple more Kanga songs that we deprived you of last month. Sorry about that, holiday crap and illness...excuses, excuses. Really, though, we're just busy as hell. We promise that it's all for your entertainment!

Track Listing:
01. Kanga - Animal
02. Surgyn - Green Heart (Assemblage 23 Remix)
03. Decoded Feedback - Dark Passenger
04. Strvngers - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper Cover)
05. Aesthetic Perfection - LAX (Mr.Kitty Remix)
06. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Dream Baby
07. Tonebox - Celestial Breakdown
08. Dead Astronauts - Witch Hunt
09. SID64 - Sailwave (feat. Who Ha)
10. Alter Der Ruine - There Is No Water
11. Am Tierpark - Rough Seas
12. Gild The Mourn - Greed (Strvngers Remix)
13. Waveshaper - The Engineer Part II
14. Scandroid - Shout
15. Kanga - Saviour
16. Fractured Transmission - Enslaved By A Thought Of Regret


:The Oontzcast: Episode 265 - “Ten Years Of Terror…For Your Bunghole!”

December 8, 2016


Album of the Month: KANGA - KANGA LP
Release Date: November 18, 2016
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Websites: BandcampSoundCloudFacebookTwitteriTunes

Jaymie and I (Yvette) are finally back on air/cyberspace after the longest hiatus Oontzcast has ever been on. We apologize for that, but there was this festival thing we were busy with....

This episode we feature tracks from our new album of the month, KANGA's self-titled LP, along with one track from each of the bands that played at the festival in the order that they played in, because of course I had to make it difficult to mix.

There is only one talk break this episode but we made sure to let all of you know the awesomeness that you missed out on, along with more drunken Cruella tales, and other randomness sprinkled throughout.

On a serious note: Our deep condolences to the families and friends of those whose lives were cut much too short by the Oakland structural fire, many of which were members of our electronic music community. They will forever live on in our hearts and minds.

Track Listing:
01. KANGA - Something Dangerous
02. END: the DJ - Fires On The Shore - Touched by Stahlnebel and Black Selket
03. Fractured Transmission - Gaza
04. Die Sektor - Heaven Sent Hell Embraced
05. HexRx - Eviscerate
06. KANGA - Honey
07. W.A.S.T.E - Warlord Mentality
08. God Module - Deceit
09. Shiv-R - Pharmaceutical Grade (Mekotam Remix)
10. XIV - Here I Stand
11. Visions In Black - Inside The Void
12. Gentleman Junkie - If (Feat. Saiyaka)
13. Vore Aurora - In Out and Thru
14. Mr.Kitty - Birds Of Prey (Demo)
15. CHANT - Revolt
16. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Prey to God
17. Leæther Strip - It's Who I Am (Bilian_Remix)


:The Oontzcast: Episode 264 - “Music For Your Bunghole”

August 17, 2016

Fiber Drank

Album of the Month: Circuito Cerrado – Arrhythmia
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Label: Alfa Matrix
Website: Facebook

We have a new album of the month for you all to check out; a big, piling heap of noisy goodness from our friends CIRCUITO CERRADO, a side project of C-LEKKTOR frontman Markko B. Listen, love it (or hate it, your choice), and as always support the artist by buying their shit!

Sometimes verbal diarrhea must be stopped! But only when it's replaced with MORE MUSIC! Yes, that's right, an ALL MUSIC episode with 20 tracks to satiate your evil souls.

I'm sure you've all noticed that Oontzcast hasn't been as regular as grandma on Metamucil, but we assure you that there is something HUGE in the works and it will all be well worth it. More details to come soon! Until then, keep your ears perked and your butt holes tight; there are amazing things coming your way.

Track Listing:
01. Circuito Cerrado - 8 Bit Bitch (Avarice In Audio Remix)
02. Advance - Calm Before the Storm (Biomechanimal Remix)
03. Avarice In Audio - Anthracite Nights (blackened remix by Alien-Nation)
04. Colony 5 - Knives (Head-Less Remix)
05. Rot On The March - Cascade
06. Perpacity - In This Heaven
07. Krebs - Desire (Ft. Dollface)
08. Presence│of│Mind - Chasing Waterfalls
09. Nature of Wires & CountessM - Don't Let the Vultures In
10. STRVNGERS - Dressed to Kill
11. Panic Lift - Finally What You Wanted (Savior's Extended Mix)
12. Circuito Cerrado - Liebe macht blind (Antythesys Remix)
13. Information Society - Get Back (DeathProof Remix)
14. PIG - The Diamond Sinners (The tweaker Remix)
15. Cyborgs On Crack - Hypno (Tekno Body Mix)
16. Noise Unit - In Vain
17. Red Lokust - The Judgement Chamber
18. Prozium - Lay My Vengeance
19. Circuito Cerrado - Hard As Fuck
20. Ron Cannon - Blade Of Fury


:The Oontzcast: Episode 263 - “Better Late Than Never”

August 1, 2016

Killer Bel

Album of the Month: Moving Units – Damage With Care
Release Date: April 8, 2016
Label: Metropolis Records
Websites: Official  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  YouTube  Amazon

Jaymie and Yvette are finally back, late as fuck but still trying to entertain some bitches! They are all apologies, cat tales, and obligatory butt things this episode, plus some hints on what's in the future for COMA.

Jaymie's Public Service Announcement of the Week: Don't be a pedo. 

Track Listing
01. Moving Units - Opposite of Rhyming
02. Cygnets - I'm Sorry (So Sorry) (Extended Mix)
03. Introflirt - Guilty
04. Mr.Kitty - I Hope You Fall Apart
05. TECHNOLORGY - Xana (Album Version)
06. lovelesslust - Pristine
07. The Birthday Massacre - Open Your Heart
08. Tragic Impulse - Can't Stop The Rain
09. Decoded Feedback - Waiting For The Storm (C-LEKKTOR Remix)
10. Moving Units - I Don't Mind