The Oontzcast -Episode 240

January 25, 2016
Album of the Month: Aesthetische – Cold is Clean
 Released: December 14, 2015
 Label: Alfa Matrix
GORD and Shibi are back with Episode 240 , discussing all important political discussions,
such as Shibari running for President, Blizzards, Polar Bears oh my!
1. AESTHETISCHE -  Cold Glass feat. Xev (2015 Rework)
2. Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough
3. Gogi- Ultraviolet Lipstick
4. Inside Agitator- We Don't Care
5. Code : Red Core - Abutre (Blut In Uniform Remix)
6. Amelia Arsenic - RX Love
7. Obszön Geschöpf - The Love Butcher - Erection Body Mutilated
8. Faderhead - TZDV (Tanz Zwo Drei Vier)
9. Frozen Plasma - Crazy
10. Krystal System - Master and Servant (A Depeche Mode Cover)
11. Digital Factor - Dopamin
12. Horskh - Damaged Ropes

The Oontzcast - Episode 239

January 18, 2016
Album of the Month: Aesthetische – Cold is Clean
Released: December 14, 2015
Label: Alfa Matrix
Oontzcasters Episode 239 is here, Gord is on vacation , so Shibari has her friend
Sic, join her to bring you a music packed show, with lots of fun for your earholes.
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Track Listing:
01. AESTHETISCHE - Blue Print feat. Mari Kattman (Oceanic Chill Mix)
02. Rabia Sorda-Walking on nails
03. Cyberaktif-nothing stays the same
04. Arctic Sunrise - Dumb
05. Nature of Wires- We Kill All
06. Neurobash- Mass Distraction
07. Suicidal Romance - Make Me Blind
08. (First Aid 4 Souls) Deathstep [11] No Mercy (Cybertears Mix)
09. (Red Industrie) Industrial Dancing (Angstfabrikk Remix)
10. Caustic - Why Because (Over-Explained by Android Kolon 58)
11. Dark Noise Experiment - Strange Days
12. Electronic Substance Abuse - Be Still And I Shall Tell You Why (Ext Club Mix feat. Na/na Ana Frimpong)
13. Reaper - Cracking Skulls (James Bones Rmx)

The Oontzcast - Episode 238

January 11, 2016
Shibari is solo this week for Episode 238 , featuring our new album of the month, Aesthetische .
This was a hard episode to record and please pardon the tears , as the world is just hearing of the passing of the Icon and Legend David Bowie.
Please join us for a very special tribute and goodbye

Track Listing:
01. Aesthetische- Dirt (Simon Carter Clubbed up mix)
02. Marque and Reprisal - Anthropocene - 16 Raskolnikov (Flammpunkt remix)
03. (Noisy Deafness) Silent Remembrance Extended  Comfort
04. Wynardtage-vs.-Andy-Haze-Reformation.MP3
05. IIOIOIOII - Face The Beat- Session 3 - 33 Last Cigarette
06. Psy'Aviah - Lessons From The Past (feat. Mari Kattman) (Tim Iron remix)
07. TripToy - Crave (Original Mix)
08. Adoration Destroyed-In Elegant Decay
09. 9th Evolution - Bela Lugosi's Dead
10. Channel The Past (Apollo Raid Mix)
11. (Ionic Vision) Electro Bosom.Buddies Music [08] She Is (Masturbation Mix)
12. Breath & Decay -NeuroJam
13. Machinista - Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
14. David Bowie - Lazarus


The Oontzcast - Episode 237

January 4, 2016
Gn0m3 has duct taped Gord and Shibari in the Oontzcast dungeon and taken over this weeks episode.  Not a lot of talk but all good music! We have a new album of the month to get your week started off just right.
Aethetische - Unity
The Gothsicles - One Second Ghost (DJ Psych0Tron Remix)
Sinmasters - Submissive (Truemmerfrau Remix)
Dirk Van Dark - Exzess
Alien Vampires - Harsh Drugs and BDSM (Modulate Remix)
A.E.C. - Cliche
Your Bunny Rot - Sent to Hell (Whore vs. Diverje Remix)
Onject - Existance On Trial (Nordschlacht Remix)