The Oontzcast - Episode 244

February 22, 2016
Album of the Month: Retrogramme – Feed
Released: March 20, 2015
Label: Space Race Records
Also purchase through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and POPoNAUT.
Listen to Feed by Retrogramme on @AppleMusic.
Oontzcasters, Episode 244 is the final Episode with Gord and Shibi at the helm.
Join us as Rexx Arkana and Eric Eldredge have a seat with us in The Oontzcast dungeon and
talk about their project Coldkill and the new single I'm Yours.
Gord and Shibi want to thank you so much for listening in and participating in our antics
and mayhem. We encourage you to buckle up and get ready as Jaymie and Yvette take over
as the new hosts of Oontzcast.
01. Retrogramme- Flesh Drive
02. Cold Kill - I'm Yours (Album Version)
03. Mr. Kitty - Choke
04. Cortex Defect - Tyranny
05. Double Eyelid - Woman Hanged (nTTx remix)
06. Caustic - Somebody's Watching Me (with Interface)
07. La Magra - Infect Me
08. Icon Of Coil- Thrill Capsule
09. Droid Sector Decay- Between Exultation and Hell
10. Neuroticfish- Blunt Force Trauma
11. Miss Murder - Personal Jesus  (Celldweller Klash-up)
12. XP8- We Felt Nothing

The Oontzcast - Episode 243

February 15, 2016
Gord and Shibi are back for the second to last episode of the Oontzcast before
the new hosts take over.  We welcome James Chapple from Kiss is Kill , and discuss
lemony fresh nicknames and so much more. Remember we are also on iTunes for your listening
pleasure as well as syndication on
01. Retrogramme -Saved (Bites Remix)
02. Citizen 16- Fragile Man
03. Blutzukker- Moerderherz
04  VNV Nation - Cold (Rated R mix by Mig=29)
05. Kiss is Kill - I'm Burning
06. Funker Vogt -Friendly Fire
07. The Firm Incorporated - Abgebrannt [Burn it Down]
08. Entrzelle- Fraud [burn]
09. A.[D].N- Killer Beat Killer Bass
10. MyParasites -Disease on the Dancefloor (FlammPunkt's -It Burns Down There!- remix)

The Oontzcast - Episode 242

February 7, 2016
Album of the Month : Retrogramme - Feed
 Released : 03/20/2015
part of EKP.
Itunes, amazon, cdbaby…
Listen to Feed by Retrogramme on @AppleMusic.…
1 of 3 - Gord is making a video this week, so Shibari is in The Oontzcast dungeon
with Rob Early from Retrogramme. We discuss documentaries, netflix and chill, and
conspiracy theories.. and lets not forget our Album of the Month - Retrogramme - Feed.
There is only 2 more episodes with Gord and Shibari as co-hosts. Stay Tuned for an
announcement of a new host for Oontzcast.
Be sure to like our Facebook Page , and remember you can always listen to us on iTunes.
1. Retrogramme - Confidant
2. Front 242 - Take One (Kant Kino Mix)
3. iScintilla - Skintight (BBCOM Remix)
4. Diffuzion - Dbd (Cygnostic Remix)
5. Vivien Glass - Honey Bee (Hexa Mix)
6. Julien-K - Deep Beat Overground
7. Electrovot- Calling out
8. Espermachine -Bleeding Hands
9. Inside Agitator - We don't Care
10. Diversant:13 - She's a Bitch
11. Extize -Ducky Style
12. Virtual Embrace -Falling From Grace

The Oontzcast - Episode 241

February 2, 2016
Oontzcast Episode 241
Album of the Month : Retrogramme - Feed
Released :
part of EKP.
Itunes, amazon, cdbaby
Listen to Feed by Retrogramme on @AppleMusic.*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Have you ever been fucked over? Broken up with ? Had a bad boss? Cheated on? Lied to?
Then this episode of the Oontzcast is for YOU.  Gord and Shibi talk about all things gone awry,
in Episode 241 - Be sure to share your stories on our Facebook page ..
We also have a new album of the month- Released in March but too good to NOT be an album of the month.
Retrogramme is Oontzcast approved! Stay tuned this month as we will be interviewing Retrogramme and
getting the nitty gritty on this and any upcoming projects.
01. Retrogramme - Psychosis (featuring Woj Krol of Controlled Collapse)
02. Consolidated- You Suck
03. Gravity Kills - Falling
05. Junksista - Trust No Bitch
06. Imperative Reaction - Giving Up
07. Alien Vampires - Fuck Off and Die
08. Adam Kult - Fuck Them (Suicidal Romance Remix)
09. The Anger Machine- Bytes of Hate On My DNA
10. 16 Volt- Somebody To Hate [Hate Hegel Mix by Cyanotic feat. Jamie Duffy]
11. The Deity - To Suffer
12. Orange Sector - Burn in Hell (Fucking Lies Mix)
13  Nuclear Sun -  Kill em' All (Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic)