The Oontzcast - Episode 221

August 24, 2015

DJ Gn0m3 has come back from the abyss to provide you with Oontzcast 221 - All Music NO talk .
Shibari and Gord will be back soon !

01. Biomekkanik - Stat of Perfection
02. Modulate - Kommune 1
03. Steinkind - Deutschland Brennt
04. Alter Der Ruine - State of Ruin (Helltrash Remix)
05. Doom Generation - Possessed (Side-line Mix)
06. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Another Day
07. Solitary Experiments - The Essence of Mind (SITD Remix)
08. Trackwasher - Check it Up
09. Lost Area - Life and Order (Survival Mix by ReLegion)
10. Obscenity Trial - Here and Now (Banging Mix by XP8)
11. Your Bunny Rot - Sent to Hell
12. Plastic Noise Experiance - Push and Punish (Matrix Version)


The Oontzcast - Episode 220

August 16, 2015

Album of the Month - Kiss is Kill - Imposter Syndrome
Label - currently unsigned.
website :

Welcome to the Aftermath Festival Edition of the Oontzcast!  Episode 220 is supersized featuring bands that will be at the Aftermath Festival , with Gord interviewing  Troy from Darker side of Light Productions.  With Aftermath being just around the corner Aug 27th -30th , we thought we would give you just a little taste to whet your whistle .

Kiss Is Kill - Taste Of Home
3Teeth - Nihil
Velvet Acid Christ - Phucked Up Phreak Kevorkian Death Cycle - Distorted Religion
BRUDERSCHAFT - Falling (Xtend Mix By ARMAGEDDON DILDOS) Mr.Kitty - Insects (IIOIOIOII Remix) (Bonus Track)
Peter Turns Pirate - Peter Turns Pirate - Weird (just a little bit)
Electrovot - Saving My Soul
Ego Likeness - Treacherous Thing
Binary Division - Riot Rebellion (Anarchist Remix By Nitro/Noise)
Glenn Love - (R)Age Electric - 02 (R)Age Electric
Alter Der Ruine - State Of Ruin
Nitronoise - Armies In The Fire
Leaether Strip - Japanese Bodies (Remember Hiroshima edit)
Ludovico Technique - Dead Inside


The Oontzcast - Episode 219

August 10, 2015

Album of the Month : Kiss is Kill
Released: 05 December 2014
Label: Unsigned  

Gn0m3 is on a Leave of Absence for The Oontzcast, So Gord from nTTx is stepping in
and stepping up to the microphone as Shibari's co-host.  There is mayhem afoot as we
explore the celestial realms and it's residents.  
You might want to grab a pair of depends ... and turn the music up LOUD!

01. Kiss is Kill- Revelations
02. Front Line Assembly - Right Hand of Heaven
03. Decoded Feedback - Heaven
04. Avoid-A-Void - A Hell of Heaven
05. Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel
06. Zeitgeist Zero - United In Black (Angels & Agony Mix)
07. Diskonnekted - Personal Demon (Radio Existence)
08. Alter der Ruine/Kevorkian Death Cycle -                               
09. SIRUS Hellion - Lekktor Remix]
10. Aesthetic Perfection - The Devil's In The Details (Single Mix)
11. Terrorfakt - Welcome to hell
12. [X] Rx - No More Room In Hell


The Oontzcast - Episode 218

August 3, 2015

Shibi is a little under the weather so not much talk this week , BUT you are the winner with all the tasty good music you could hope for.

This month our album of the month is Kiss is Kill- Imposter Syndrome
released 05 December 2014

All tracks performed and produced by Kiss Is Kill.

While released in 2014 we are just finding it and bringing it to your ears.
Currently Unsigned.
Website :

Additional players:

Pete Crossman - synths and programming on "Believe"
Phil Barry - guitars on "Revelation"
Scott Michael Owens - guitars on "Taste of Home"
Dave Kelly - guitars and bass on "The Shift"
Michael Canter - hand claps on "Moving" and "I'm Burning"

All songs written by Kiss Is Kill except tracks 1,3,5 and 10.

Track 3 co-written/produced by Kiss Is Kill and Pete Crossman.
Track 5 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Phil Barry.
Track 7 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Scott Michael Owens.
Track 10 co-written by Kiss Is Kill and Dave Kelly.

Album mastered by: Phil Demetro @ Laquer Channel

Artwork and logo design by: Pete Crossman

Kiss Is Kill is: James Chapple.

Kiss is kill - Ready

Grendel - Contorted Angel
Ayria - Mercury (Mercury Rising Vo1d Remix)
The Presets - Kitty In the Middle
Electrovot - Turning Point

The Cruxshadows - Tears Antilav - Despiration Mental Discipline - Battlefield of Love (SNTK2 Version) T.O.Y. - Loner (Remix)

God Module - A Night Like This Assemblage 23 - House on Fire Noorglo - Addict Electric Breathing - Brain Reset

Weapon of Choice (nTTx Blacklight Remix)
Atomzero - ReMixDirection (nTTx)
Stars Crusaders - Supermarket Signs (nTTx Remix)